Adult Services

We specialize in treating adults who have functional problems due to neurological diagnoses or othopedic problems.  We offer a friendly, supportive atmosphere, convenient appointments and individualized service.

To aid with a quick recovery, our therapists integrate the most current rehabilitation research and techniques with complimentary approaches.


Functional Capacity Evaluation

A functional capacity evaluation (FCE) allows for evaluation of a person’s physical abilities. These physical demands are then directly tied to the essential functions of a particular job or to physical demand levels defined and outlined in the Dictionary of Occupational Titles. FCEs are also helpful in measuring an injured worker's ability to return to the job and perform that job's required physical functions, such as lifting, carrying, bending and standing for long periods of time.

Our FCE process has been studied scientifically and is valid for determining an injured person’s capacity for work. The data gathered during the evaluation can determine an employee’s readiness to return to work, identify the specific tasks they are able to complete compared to their job expectations, and allows a physician to determine the degree of disability.

An FCE completed by one of our therapists requires 3-6 hours, depending on the person’s level of disability and their job requirements. It includes a review of the relevant medical and job history, a physical examination, standardized testing to determine overall readiness to return to work, job demands analysis, physical capacity testing to meet these job demands, and job simulation activities. Our reports include a summary of the data, with percentages of ability for each task, and a detailed report that includes all of the data collected during the evaluation.

therpay kid


We treat children who are experiencing problems at home or in school due to developmental delays, injuries, or neurological diagnoses such as Autism or sensory processing disorder.  Our goal is to help your child achieve a happy, fulfilling life with their family and friends.  We understand that adding therapy to your family's busy schedule is difficult , so we offer therapy for multiple disciplines on one day, during the day in the summer, and in the evening during the school year.

Our therapists strive to fully educate you about your child's needs and encourage family participation in all therapy activities.  In addition, we offer an after therapy supervised sensory play group to consolidate the gains your child made in therapy.


Home and Community Based Services

We are providers for several Pennsylvania adult Waiver Programs.  Our therapists are able to work with you in your home or our clinic to increase your ability to participate in all community based activities.  We are experts in helping you access community venues and helping you to improve your functioning to remain in the community.  If you are currently enrolled in a Pennsylvania adult Waiver, please contact your service coordinator to designate us as your preferred provider.


Pain Management

Now offering Drug Free, FDA Approved, Microcurrent Point Stimulation for management of pain.  This treatment uses electrical current that is similar to the current in your body and accupuncture treatment points to heal muscles and nerves.  Over 85% of our clients have achieved at least 50% pain reduction with the first treatment.  Each treatment takes 20-30 minutes and the results last for 7 to 10 days.  First session is FREE!  Call now to schedule your appointment to get rid of pain!

fit test

Functional Fitness Assessments

Having more trouble completing your daily activities? Have more aches and pains? Wondering what exercises to do to keep healthy?

Our therapists offer FREE Functional Fitness Assessments to help you determine what exercises will keep you active and moving.  Call today to schedule your free appointment!


Our therapy is individualized

We believe that you get better faster when you have the opportunity to develop a collaboration with your therapist.  Therefore, most of your treatments will be provided by the same therapist each visit.

Our therapy uses state of the art treatments

Our experienced therapists constantly strive to maintain expertise in their area of specialization.  We offer new treatments and equipment to help you get better faster.  Our therapists often use the same techniques to treat each other and get healthier.


Appointment Request

We typically have next-day appointment availability.  Call 724-304-0030 for scheduling. Physical, Speech, and Occupational therapy near Pittsburgh.