Functional Fitness


Recently, I have been pondering how to stay fit as I age.  I exercise regularly, but still have difficulty moving heavier items, getting up and down from the floor, and maintaining my balance. I know that these skills are necessary to maintain to avoid disability as I get older, but clearly, my strength and aerobic exercise program is not working well enough for me to maintain these specific skills.  

I stumbled across the idea of “functional fitness” and discovered that this exercise philosophy is used by many elite athletes.  Essentially, functional fitness encourages you to train for the skills you need to complete your sport tasks. However, I found that exercises for athletes are too intense for my skill level and do not address the tasks I am having problems completing with ease.

Thus, the search for a reasonable exercise program continued– and, was fruitful!  I found an out of published book of functional fitness tasks for adults who want to remain capable of doing daily tasks independently and safely.  I shared this book with our team of Occupational and Physical Therapists and we decided that the exercises in this book are safe, reasonable to complete, and help maintain physical fitness in the skill areas older adults typically lose as they age!  We have been working with these for the last few months and want to share them with you. Check back with me every week for the next few months and I will share the specific areas included in this approach to functional fitness and aging. Of course, if you would like to start this program more quickly, you can call our office for a free assessment of your functional fitness skills!

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